Pressure Tanks

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Pressure Tanks

Pressure-TanksB&B has offered water well pumps to the Amarillo area for decades now. In conjunction with each water well installation we can install one or more pressure and storage tanks of varying sizes.

Having a pressure tank installed in your well can increase the overall usability of your well water, including keeping contaminants out of the water supply and improving the life span of your submersible well pump. Additionally, all pressure tanks are sold with these aspects held in mind:

• Durable state-of-the-art stainless steel construction.
• Polypropylene lined steel ensures pure water free of contaminants.
• Built to hold hundreds of gallons in volume in case of power outages.
• Air charge maintained easily via diaphragms separating water from air.
• Extends pump life and saves electricity by easing on number of pump cycles

The pressure tanks come in air captive or diaphragm models and are constructed with either an outer metal shell with an appliance quality paint finish or fiber glass wound shell coated with epoxy resin. The air captive models consist of an FDA approved inner epoxy coating while the diaphragm models consist of an inner FDA approved strong 100% butyl diaphragm.

Additionally, we sell and install water storage tanks of various sizes constructed of FDA approved molded polypropylene.

The installation of one or more pressure or storage tanks will provide continual protection for the system and reduce energy usage.

Our tanks are the perfect accompaniment for all water fixtures in your home and they come in varying sizes. B&B tanks give your well system the purification that your freshly pumped water deserves. Whether you have a small home or a big business, our pressure tanks will not leave a bad taste in your mouth. With B&B’s wide selection of tanks, our team can easily decide the best fit for your well.

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